Van Der Plas Gallery is pleased to present “Fab Bohemians”, its latest show exhibiting the works of ten different artists illustrating an array of outsider and street art concepts not typically observed.

Much of the work on display represents a core group of original NYC street artists, some having been painting and creating since the 1980s. Having grown out of the East Village and Lower East Side, the power of much of the veteran art such as “Ms. Smiley” by Kevin Wedndall (aka FA-Q) and “Doo-Da Air Mail” by Ed Higgins III have developed into cult status and are highlighted and amplify the newer artists in the show, such as Doug Groupp’s “Giant Size”, exploring the edges of what an image can represent.

The raw emotions and earned wisdom of these different artists, whose lives have risen and evolved along with their work and how their expressions have bloomed, present a wide palette and spectrum to be enjoyed by enthusiasts of every stripe.

Participating artists include: Brian Gormley, Doug Groupp, Kevin Wendall, Juan Carlos Pinto, Ed Higgins III, Consumer, Ron Burman, Ken Hiratsuka, Christopher Hart Chambers, and Clayton Patterson.