Sow & Tailor is thrilled to announce the debut of, Hidden in Plain Sight, a solo exhibition by Los Angeles-based artist Jasaya Neale.

Hidden in Plain Sight features a collection of new paintings by Jasaya Neale that explores the artist's profound connection to portraiture and storytelling. Infused with personal history, identity, and the subtle beauty found in everyday life, Neale's artistic approach champions both his painting practice and his intimate connection to photography. Neale's process reflects a deep commitment to painting, complemented by the integral role of photography as a wellspring of his inspiration.

Using a point-and-shoot method, Neale captures moments that hold emotional and nostalgic connections to his daily surroundings. Hidden in Plain Sight explores unnoticed elements of life often overlooked, such as the subtle ripple of worn fabric on the shoulder of a subject. Each of his photographs serves as a reservoir of memories and emotions that inform his paintings, rendered through meticulous brushstrokes of paint on canvas.

At the heart of Neale's work is storytelling, shaped by childhood memories and upbringing. Born and raised in Kansas City, MO, Jasaya's upbringing was adorned with captivating visuals and imagery reflecting Afro-Caribbean Trinidadian culture, absorbed from household magazines where his love for photography was first forged. These influential encounters ignited his artistic journey, shaping his signature style—a dynamic fusion of illustration and figuration that captures the essence of his Afro-Caribbean Trinidadian identity.

This is evident in his attention to dark skin tones that shine brightly in his works, as well as his adept attention to color, form, and composition shaped by the lens of his camera. Hidden in Plain Sight is a dynamic display of self-expression, a visual memoir he invites viewers to explore.