in our project room, we will present ‘Blooming’, the first U.S. appearance of Chinese artist Liu Tianlian, who recently relocated to New York City.

With three mediums size and one large artwork, this exhibition will give the viewer a comprehensive hint of the artist's unique technique and style, throwing him into a magical realm populated by whimsical characters floating above voluptuous and colorful vegetation, reminiscence of a lost paradise, inspired by traditional Chinese narrative and painted with self-prepared inks through microscopic brushes on imported fine silk.

Liu Tianlian (Chongqing City, 1987), with her luxuriant pallet of traditional Chinese painting pigments (natural mineral and plant pigments) on silk or paper, keeps producing new pictorial structures and uses whimsical narratives and psychological depths to mirror her secret worlds of imagination and drama. Her vivid images, switching between tradition and reality, locality and globalization, self and extension, alluding to Asian history, literature, mythology, and the Bible, and featuring human beings, animals, plants, and the self, form a continuously deepening visual space, an inner reality more exciting than the outer reality. Her works have been exhibited in the solo exhibitions of Line Gallery, China, and in other exhibitions of Times Art Museum, Guangdong Art Museum, Today Art Museum, Long Museum, etc.