Lumière: Light; a brightness that makes things able to be seen; beginning to exist or appear.

The Untitled Space is thrilled to partner with MakersPlace and The Canvas 3.0 gallery for the “Lumière” solo exhibition and Genesis NFT drop of artist Indira Cesarine. The exhibition will unveil Cesarine’s latest series of surreal photographic light paintings, along with the debut of her animated photographic NFTs, to be available on the MakersPlace platform.

The exhibition will showcase over 20 digital artworks by Cesarine, presented in the innovative format of WHIM fine art screens at The Canvas 3.0 gallery. In addition to the digital pieces, visitors will have the opportunity to experience a selection of surreal-inspired photography on aluminum, large-scale photographic prints, hand-welded steel sculptures, and video art films by the artist. The event will also feature Cesarine’s “Lumière” series wearable art fashion collection created with photo-printed fabric further adding to the visual poetry of the exhibition.

"Lumière" encapsulates Cesarine’s contemporary female gaze on Surrealism, a theme the artist has been exploring through a variety of mediums over the past several decades. For her latest series of works, Cesarine juxtaposes the surreal techniques of light painting with graceful and empowering portraits of female dancers to evoke an ethereal universe of divine energy. Through digital animation, Cesarine's light paintings come to life, harmonizing with her chiaroscuro portraits that accentuate the power of the human spirit through the movements of dance.

Cesarine’s nude silhouettes, body-painted with vines, leaves, and spirals, carry profound symbolism, which is also reflected in the light of her double exposures. Fantasy and illusion merge as the artist navigates the imagery of the subconscious mind, portraying the human form with emotive strength. In her photographic light paintings, Cesarine assumes a hidden yet crucial role in their composition, adding an intriguing layer to the visual narrative.

In celebration of the genesis NFT drop and solo exhibition, White Wave Young Soon Kim Dance Company will perform “Eternal Now” at The Canvas 3.0 event. Choreographer Young Soon Kim, known for her exhilarating and emotionally rich works, will present a mesmerizing expression of movement that perpetually affirms the now, in space and time, as it reveals the inner landscape of human emotion. Dancers will be dressed in select pieces from Cesarine’s "Lumière” wearable art fashion collection, premiering at the event.

I have been exploring themes of Surrealism in my work since my first forays into photography. "Lumière" continues my exploration of the surreal technique of light painting, pioneered by Man Ray in 1937, for my portraits with contemporary dancers emphasizing the power of the human spirit. This method involves using light as a brush, painting ethereal strokes onto canvases of darkness, thus capturing a play of luminosity that transcends the boundaries of traditional imagery. In the realm of "Lumière," surreal light painting becomes a mesmerizing dance between the tangible and the transcendent. Through this technique, I seek to illuminate and reveal the hidden energies that bind us to the universe.

The series, developed over the last two years, features five muses from the worlds of ballet, modern dance, fashion modeling, and contortionism. The nude silhouettes of each model become canvases adorned with vines, leaves, and spirals, with each stroke creating a visual embodiment of Mother Nature and symbolizing divine femininity, life, and growth. The spiral as a symbol of life and the eternal is depicted on their figures as well as in the light refracted into the camera lens, creating a spellbinding glow radiating around their silhouettes.

The symbolism of the spiral has been a recurring theme in my artwork including my photography, neon and steel sculptures, and filmmaking. The spiral is an ancient symbol of evolution and one of the oldest pagan symbols in existence. The spiral vortex, as found in the double helix structure of DNA molecules, is known as nature’s favored form for transmitting energy. It represents the cyclical nature of existence, life, growth, evolution, creativity, and change. With my light paintings, I embrace the symbol of the spiral to depict divine feminine energy, progression, concepts of infinity, the journey of life, and the path to higher consciousness. With its graceful curvature and hypnotic rhythm, it becomes a metaphor for the unknown forces that shape humanity, life, and existence – as well as the surreal nature of the unknown.

Beyond the digital realm, my "Lumière" wearable art fashion collection, sustainably manufactured in the UK, echoes the symbolism of my artwork. Kaleidoscopic and abstract renderings of my light paintings on photo-printed fabric bring my art to life. I am thrilled to feature the collection on the White Wave Young Soon Kim Dance Company for their Oculus performance, which extends the visual universe of my light paintings.

The "Lumière" collection is a culmination of my exploration of the contemporary female gaze on Surrealism. "Lumière" is not just an exploration of visual aesthetics but an introspective journey into the symbolic significance of light. It delves into the implications of illumination as a metaphor for enlightenment, hope, and the constant pursuit of understanding. In "Lumière," I beckon you to immerse yourself in a world where light, movement, and symbolism converge, inviting you to perceive the profound mystery and beauty inherent in the dance of life.

(Indira Cesarine)

Indira Cesarine is a multidisciplinary artist who works with photography, video, painting, printmaking, and sculpture. A graduate of Columbia University with a triple major in Art History, French, and Women’s Studies, she additionally studied at Parsons School of Design, International Center of Photography, School of Visual Arts, New York Film Academy, and New York Academy of Art. Her career as an artist and photographer began at the age of sixteen with her first solo show at the Paul Mellon Arts Center.

After graduating from university, she continued her career in London and Paris where she was commissioned by British Vogue, GQ, Glamour, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, Dior, Kenzo, and Cerruti, among many other international publications and brands. Cesarine has been featured internationally on TV shows and networks including E! TV, Entertainment Tonight, MTV, Inside Edition, and Make Me a Supermodel. Her work as a director has included music videos, documentary shorts, fashion, and video art films.

Cesarine’s artwork has been featured internationally at many art galleries, museums, and art fairs, including The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Watermill Center, Hudson Valley MOCA, Mattatuck Museum, Albany Institute, CICA Museum, San Luis Obispo Museum of Art, French Embassy Cultural Center, Art Basel Miami, Scope Art Fair, Cannes Film Festival, and Spring/Break Art Show to name a few.

Cesarine’s artwork has been featured in the public art space at Rockefeller Center, and on billboards in New York City in collaboration with SaveArtSpace. Her work has additionally been auctioned in many celebrated art benefits including at Sotheby’s New York, Artwalk NY, and for Gabrielle's Angel Foundation. She has been featured internationally in publications including American Vogue, Vogue Italia, The New York Times, Forbes, Newsweek, W Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, Dazed, New York Magazine, i-D Magazine, and The Huffington Post among many others.

Aside from her work as an artist, she is the founder and editor-in-chief of The Untitled Magazine, founder of Art4Equality, a non-profit initiative supporting equality in the arts, as well as founder of The Untitled Space art gallery. Empowering feminist themes are often a point of departure for her artwork, which is influenced by autobiographical content, her Latinx heritage, and women’s history. She currently lives and works in Tribeca, New York.