The full moon is more than just a luminous orb that lights up our nighttime sky. It's a symbol, a guide, and for many, a spiritual beacon that signals a time of reflection, transformation, and culmination. Each month, as the moon waxes and wanes, so too do our energies, intentions, and desires. Just as the moon reaches its full brilliance, we are called upon to recognize our own growth and transitions.

The full moon is an auspicious time to acknowledge where we have been, and what we have learned, and set intentions for the journey ahead. It’s a poignant reminder of the cyclical nature of life – that after every ending, there's a new beginning.

Setting intentions

Intentions, unlike goals, are not about reaching a destination, but about the journey and the person you become along the way. The full moon is the perfect time to align with these energies.


Communication, at its core, is an exchange of energy, a bridge between souls, and a means to manifest our inner world into the external realm. When we frame communication as an intention — a deliberate act infused with purpose and meaning — it transforms into a deeply spiritual process.

I intend to communicate my thoughts and feelings with clarity, honesty, and kindness. I will listen actively and speak with intention. I will allow myself to be vulnerable, opening channels of authentic dialogue with those around me.


Intelligence is an interplay between genetics and environment. It's a blend of innate abilities and the culmination of experiences, teachings, and personal endeavors. Each person's intelligence is unique, sculpted by both biology and the journey of life.

I intend to nourish my mind every day. I will seek knowledge, ask questions, and remain curious. My intelligence is a tool that I will use with wisdom, discernment, and compassion.

Addressing negative reinforcers from a POV perspective

Negative reinforcers can subtly steer our journey off course. From a Point of View (POV) perspective, it's essential to acknowledge these influences, not as deterrents, but as indicators of where attention, understanding, and healing might be required.

From my current vantage point, I see the shadows cast by my doubts and fears. But I also see the full moon’s glow illuminating them. I recognize these negative reinforcements as part of my journey. They are not blockages but signposts, pointing me towards areas where growth, understanding, and transformation are awaiting."

Releasing the old

Holding onto past emotions, especially those rooted in pain, can become a heavy burden. By consciously choosing to release these emotions, we free ourselves from chains that bind us to past moments, allowing for emotional healing and greater inner peace.

I intend to recognize and release patterns, beliefs, and habits that no longer serve me. As the full moon signifies completion, I let go of what hinders my communication and my pursuit of intelligence.

Embracing the new

Just as nature evolves with each season, bringing forth new life and landscapes, humans too have the capacity for rebirth. Embracing new experiences, perspectives, or environments signifies a renewal of self, an opportunity to redefine and rediscover.

I intend to embrace new ways of understanding, communicating, and growing. As the tides shift under the full moon's energy, I too am open to the flow of new insights, knowledge, and connections.

In the gentle embrace of the full moon's light, allow these intentions to take root. Remember that intentions, like seeds, require nurturing. Tend to them, believe in them, and watch as they blossom and transform your journey in ways you've never imagined.

Energy, whether stagnating in places, thoughts, or relationships, affects our well-being. By releasing old energies and patterns, we cleanse and refresh our energetic bodies, making room for vibrations more in alignment with our current path.

Set some intentions and have a candlelit meal by the moon!

Pan-seared chicken marsala with rice

Take two pieces of chicken thighs with skin in a shallow dish with some water and cook in a microwave for 2-4 minutes on each side, turning it. Chop some onion and sauté in a pan, add a few sliced jalapeños. Take chicken after it’s rested a bit (should be pretty poached, the liquid ready to use later as stock).

Add chicken to the pan after a few minutes with onion and jalapeños, use all seasoning w/salt to season. I use Vegi-Spike seasoning. It’s delicious. Brown chicken skin side down, and flip over to the other side.

Add some Marsala sauce (I used a pre-made packaged one, it had enough for 5 servings- use according to taste per serving, a few spoonfuls). Take time to cook it down with a bit of water, add a little more to thicken it. Add some risotto or short-grain white rice (arroz) and add chicken stock.

Let it cook up in the pan. You can scatter it into the skillet, carefully not to overtake the sauce. Gently finish cooking the dish, and cover on low flame towards the end. Let rest. Nuke in the microwave if rice is a little al denté. Tastes buttery, oh I did add a little vegetable oil, savory, spicy and saucy!


Make a big old mug or venti-size Peppermint tea to finish off the meal.

Our environments often mirror our inner worlds. The act of decluttering and getting rid of material possessions that no longer resonate can be a symbolic act of making space for the new.

In every ending lies a new beginning. By releasing what has been, we pave the way for what can be. It’s a testament to life’s cyclical nature, where every closure is followed by a fresh start.

Happy Full Moon!