Valentina Rufus
Joined Meer in February 2023
Valentina Rufus

Valentina Rufus is a prose and short story author. She’s utilizing her creative writing and editing skills to produce high-quality content. Valentina is a new voice from the United States and is a regular contributor of Architecture and Design, Wellness, Culture, and Science related articles.

She has an interdisciplinary education in Fine Arts, Information Technology, Language, and Business Management. She is multilingual in French, Spanish, and German. Along with being a passionate English and Urdu speaker.

Her extensive writing and editing experience spans business documentaries, journalism, fiction and non-fiction literature. She has editing experience with scientific papers. She has reviewed and edited content for company websites, blogs, and social media platforms.

Valentina often collaborates with diverse marketing and design teams to develop marketing materials and campaigns.

She has direct corporate communications experience developing style guides to ensure consistency in all content.

She has conducted research and interviews to develop engaging and informative articles as a high-quality freelancer.

Her technical experience makes her writing technique uniquely exceptional. She is an avid mentor and writing teacher. Valentina is available for keynotes and workshops where she teaches both style and techniques for business and creative writing.

With over a decade of creative writing under her belt, Valentina has a wry voice that shines through in her newest collection of essays, which explores the importance we place on legacy. She will undoubtedly become a successful published author of her first novel in progress and is recognized for her contributions as a professional ghostwriter.

Based out of the Washington D.C. metropolitan area, Valentina works in Human Resources and lives with her family and her cat, Chi. She travels Stateside and abroad frequently, loves food and wine, and is a voracious reader. She really connects with nature to regain an equilibrium amongst the city-living chaos and has recently embarked on becoming a Yoga teacher.

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