In this digital era of technology, millions of images exist primarily on people’s phones and rarely transform into a tangible object or physical expression of that image. Images are largely captured, shared and viewed in digital form. For our opening show this fall, Robert Mann Gallery is pleased to present the exhibition Nonpareil which highlights a select group of artists that employ various techniques, both modern and historic to render unique and tactile works of art rooted in photography.

Among the works in this intimate exhibition are pieces created by artists who have utilized 19th century processes such as the cyanotype, daguerreotype and the use of hand-coloring. Some have implemented 20th century techniques such as the photogram, split-toning and collage, while others have devised hybrid or home brewed methods of development and presentation. All of the images in the show are connected by a common thread, each artist has created photography based art work that is truly one of a kind.

Among the works on view will be a large scale daguerreotype by Jerry Spagnoli, a split-toned silver print by Richard Misrach, a photogram by Leslie Gill and a cyanotype by Elijah Gowin. Other artists whose work will be included in the exhibition are Binh Danh, Lois Guarino, Laurent Millet, Luis Gonzalez Palma, Susan Rankaitis, Doug & Mike Starn and Jennifer Williams.