The Salmagundi Club Thomas Moran Gallery is pleased to present Tales of Color, a solo one-week presentation featuring Takuma Tanaka's small paintings and works on paper.

Curated by Rachel Vancelette, from September 4th – September 10th, 2023, the opening reception by private invite commences on Wednesday, September 6th from 6-8 pm. The exhibition marks a significant milestone as it introduces an international Japanese contemporary artist to the esteemed Salmagundi Club, which continues to be deeply rooted in the American art tradition since 1871.

To commence the event, there will be a unique tasting experience including specialty baked cookie delights by Flip-Flops Marquis, created by owner Christopher Eamon. The curated tasting experience will transport guests on a sensory journey to complement the visual splendor. Experience the captivating world of "Tales of Color" as it unveils the extraordinary artistic style of Takuma Tanaka, a contemporary artist whose work seamlessly blends his Japanese heritage and the rich influences gathered during his time in America. Drawing inspiration from renowned American artists like Jean Michel Basquiat and Thomas Moran, both contemporaries and pioneers of the art world, Tanaka has crafted a unique artistic practice that continues to ignite imaginations.

A special art activation commences at Washington Square Park with an artistic performative painting experience on Wednesday, September 6th from 8 to 10 am with artist Takuma Tanaka handing out special items for the audience. In honor of legendary artist Jean Michel Basquiat, Tanaka will follow the historical footsteps of the artist’s former home and studio in Greenwich Village at 57 Great Jones Street honoring the artistic revolution of one of America’s most renowned artists. The activation will honor Jean Michel Baquiat’s early years in the 80s for which Baquiat under the arch of Washington Square Park sold t-shirts, paintings, and postcards.

My interests come from the social sciences. The Human Sushi series is based on humanity and our view of always considering ourselves the masters of the world, maintaining control over everything. We must reflect and be more humble in our world of today.

(Takuma Tanaka)

The intricate details in these small-scale works will transport the viewer into Tanaka's marvelous world of visual dreams and fantasy, We all need an escape in today’s world.

(Rachel Vancelette)

Beautifully and thoughtfully rendered, the art reveals an imaginative interpretation of color and its role in storytelling. Tanaka's impressive body of work presents a fascinating insight into how contemporary landscape and portraiture can offer us a glimpse of the world around us. Takuma Tanaka's practice has become instantly recognizable for its complex compositions and mythical subject matter verging on the lines between reality, virtual, and imagined. The ongoing activations throughout the city will present a refreshing new viewpoint on painting and its potential. As an artist with a deep respect for the natural world like artist Thomas Moran, Tanaka continues to celebrate nature through his use of vibrant colors and intricate details, inviting the viewer to experience the fleeting beauty of the world around us. The resulting artwork stands as a breathtaking testament to the timeless potency of the natural world, seamlessly bridging the gap between the artistic legacies of the past and the dynamic present we inhabit.