Blank Space is pleased to announce its 2023 Seoul Summer Exhibition, located in the heart of Gangnam, Seoul at 451, Dosandaero, Gangnam Gu, Seoul, Korea.

Featuring the works of Hamilton Aguiar, Kyuhak Lee, Arno Elias, Randall Stoltzfus, Gregory Hayes, Matthew Langley, Nemo Jantzen, Hyunsook Jeong, Yuki Matsueda, Byungjin Kim, Chigyu Kwon, Gyoungmin Kim and Miguel Vallinas. This exhibition is the gallery's third in Seoul since 2009.

Blank Space takes immense pride in showcasing the immense talent of Korean artists to a global audience, while also bridging cultures by introducing artists from diverse backgrounds to the vibrant art scene of Korea. Embracing the transformative power of art to break boundaries, foster understanding, and ignite creativity, the gallery's carefully curated Seoul Summer Exhibition not only celebrates the captivating beauty of summer but also the universality of art across borders.

This exceptional exhibition is held in collaboration with the internationally acclaimed Korean designer, Lie Sang Bong, at the prestigious Lie Sangbong tower in Gangnam, Seoul. The captivating artworks are thoughtfully intertwined with the array of collection pieces, harmoniously blending the realms of fashion and visual art for an awe-inspiring experience.

Randall Stoltzfus embraces a thoughtful and experimental method, crafting unique acrylic dispersion paint by blending his own pigments for vibrant tones. He intricately applies numerous circles, expertly adjusting the paint's density to achieve a harmonious interplay of light and texture, while his art delves into the profound connection between light, collective communion, and a higher essence.

Nemo Jantzen, is a Dutch contemporary artist who began his foundations in art, design and photography at the RTO Art Academy in Rotterdam. After experiencing the world, he settled down in Spain where he dedicated his career to fine art. Over the past 25 years, he has been exhibiting worldwide in art galleries, art fairs, and solo exhibitions to high acclaim. His work can be found in numerous private and public collections around the world.

Kyu-Hak Lee is a South Korean artist who has gained recognition for his unique mixed-media mosaics that recreate and reimagine iconic works from art history, particularly those of Van Gogh. The one-of-a-kind artist uses unconventional materials to recreate iconic works and scenes from reality as a social commentary on consumerism and millennial values.

Arno Elias is a French American artist, painter, photographer, musician and activist, who has exhibited all around the world. The artist presents the medium of photography and hand-painted photography as a means of engaging philosophical disquisitions on culture, humankind, and wildlife inspired by his experience traveling across various continents. He balances the cultural originality of the natural world in the midst of globalization and technology.

Chigyu Kwon presents works within the setting of a forest, of themes saluting resilience following the exploration of existence and desire. Using fresh and organic forms made of stainless steel in a marriage of lushness and urbanity, multiple layers give his works depth, a sense of relaxation, and an understanding of the natural world that is more than a superficial forest made of only branches and leaves.

Hyunsook Jeong is a Korean artist whose work centers around the theme of light, a life force that is essential to human existence. She uses naturally iridescent materials, such as mother of pearl and crystal, to capture the eternal nature of light on canvas. These materials are traditionally found in Nageon-Chilgi lacquerware and furniture, which adds to the historical and transcendental qualities of her work.

Hamilton Aguiar is a versatile artist who creates landscape paintings, portraits, and abstract works. His paintings are characterized by expressive brushstrokes, bold colors, and an interplay of colors and shapes that convey emotion and energy. In the Seoul Summer Exhibition, works featured are from his series titled ‘Opticals’. These works are mesmerizing technical monochromatic manipulations of light and color. Aguiar's works have received critical acclaim and are collected by private collectors and institutions worldwide.

Miguel Vallinas is a Spanish Artist, who creates works inspired by surrealism. Through a dark room built in his family home, Vallinas honed his talent and passion for creativity. His art explores identity and human nature, through manipulation of perception, while taking influence from artists such as Dalí, Miró and Magritte.

Gregory Hayes is a master of the brushless painting technique, creating abstract works that challenge the viewer's perception and showcase the natural abilities of paint to form shapes and patterns on its own. His dedication to experimentation and innovation has resulted in a dynamic and varied body of work that is both meticulous and intuitive.

Gyoungmin Kim is a renowned sculptor who brings the beauty of the mundane to life through her emotionally rich bronze and steel figures. Her sculptures, which feature intricate detail and bold use of color, have earned her global acclaim and can be found in private collections worldwide as well as public institutions such as the National Museum of Modern and Contemporaries Art in Korea and the Hong Kong Velodrome.

Byungjin Kim is a South Korean sculptor known for his intricate and captivating steel sculptures. In the Seoul Summer exhibition showcased are his extremely popular Double Drawings. Kim's creative process is elaborate and labor-intensive, involving the use of clay, plaster, or FRP plastic to create the figures and shapes, followed by welding and forming each individual piece of machined steel. He then sands the welded areas carefully before applying multiple layers of quality car paint and heating the artwork in a kiln at 200 degrees.

Hyunsook Jeong captures the essence of light through her use of naturally iridescent materials, mother of pearl and crystal, on canvas. Her work reflects the human desire for light, which is the foundation of many aspects of society and has been sought after through metaphysical means. Her paintings, which incorporate traditional Korean materials, solidify the historical transcendence of light and its importance to humanity.