The beautiful art of welding flowers on steel represents the profound connection between the material and nature. We often take for granted the ground we walk on, failing to recognize the intricate harmony that exists between the human-made and the natural world. However, by welding flowers on steel, we can bridge that gap and appreciate the integral role each element plays in our lives.

Welding flowers on steel is an act that combines the strength and resilience of steel with the delicate beauty of nature's creations. It symbolizes the power of human ingenuity and creativity, fused with the elegance and grace found in the natural world. In this art form, we witness the transformation of cold, rigid steel into something vibrant, full of life, and profoundly captivating.

Moss’s industrial painting process harnesses the ability to shape and mold steel, bending it to his will. But what truly makes the work remarkable is the realization that even the toughest material can be touched by the fragility of nature. The flowers he welds onto steel represent not only the beauty we see around us but also the hope, resilience, and growth that can arise from seemingly impenetrable circumstances.

Consider for a moment the strength of a steel beam, supporting immense structures that rise high into the sky. It is a testament to human innovation and engineering prowess. But when Moss welds a delicate flower onto that steel, he infuses it with life and a touch of the natural world. Suddenly that cold, utilitarian steel transforms into something that evokes emotions, memories, and a sense of wonder.

In our daily lives, we often become disconnected from nature, consumed by the hustle and bustle of our modern existence. Yet, when we pause to appreciate the flowers that bloom, the trees that sway in the wind, and the landscapes that take our breath away, we are reminded of our place within the grand tapestry of life. We realize that nature's beauty, resilience, and interconnectedness are mirrored in the materials we work with.

By welding flowers onto steel, Moss makes a statement about celebrating the fusion of human creativity and the awe-inspiring wonders of the natural world. As viewers, we become the conduits through which these two elements intersect, creating a harmony that resonates deeply within the universal.

Let’s recognize the inseparable bond between the material and nature. As we do so, may we also remember the importance of cultivating that connection in our lives, both as creators and as stewards of this beautiful planet we call home.

(Nick Moss, artist statement)

The patina fights with the steel, oxidizing as it is applied. Moss pours, sprays, and uses pipettes to apply the color inside the pedals and leaves of the flowers, allowing for a puddled surface to form. The force from the torch allows him to intentionally push the patina around, working with the flame as a painter would wield a brush.

(Katy Diamond Hamer, New York-based art writer)

My art is a reflection of the beauty and resilience of life, even in the midst of loss and pain. I create paintings of as a way to capture the vivid and colorful moments of my childhood, and to pay tribute to a pivotal moment that shaped who I am today. When I paint, I see flashes of memories, that have left an indelible mark on my soul. My paintings are not about dwelling on the past, they are a celebration of life, a testament to the power of nature and the human spirit to endure and thrive.

The flowers in my paintings represent hope, renewal, and growth. They are a symbol of the cycle of life, and the beauty that can be found in every stage of existence. They remind me that even in the darkest moments, there is always a glimmer of light, a reason to keep moving forward. My work is not just about capturing the essence of a moment in time, but about using art as a way to heal and transform.

Through my paintings, I hope to inspire others to see the world in a more vibrant and positive light. I want my art to be a source of comfort and inspiration and a reminder that there is always beauty to be found. My paintings are a testament to the power of art to heal and uplift the human spirit. I am honored to be able to share them with the world.

(Danielle Procaccio, artist statement)