Carpenters Workshop Gallery Los Angeles presents Chaos, a group show curated by Alexander May of Sized Studio.

Marking one year since the launch of the physical gallery space in Los Angeles, this exhibition is curated to illustrate the breath of the gallery’s creative collaborative approach in bringing to the fore all forms of artistic expression using form and function as a guiding principle. The show encompasses the work of over 20 renown artists, including Ingrid Donat, Sterling Ruby, Vincenzo De Cotiis, Thomas Houseago, Victor Barragan, Suda Kokuta and Rick Owens.

The title Chaos refers to the investigation of contrasting textures and forms, showcasing a balance of opposing creative perspectives and the inherent beauty that can emerge from disorder. Chaos seeks to present a cultural dialogue, providing snapshots of the world through the purposeful placement of revered artistic voices and Alexander May’s discerning lens. The exhibition boasts an expansive display of works, with elements of naturalism balanced against stark industrial pieces. Moose antler, ceramics, and varieties of wood react to aluminum, bronze, and steel, generating unique dialogues with each permutation.

Alexander May’s monochromatic curation encourages viewers to challenge preconceived notions and redefine the meanings assigned to the objects on display. The exhibition establishes a profound dialogue between the artists, their individual creative expressions, and the broader cultural landscape. Chaos showcases an array of thought-provoking creations that redefine artistic boundaries and unravels the harmony that lies within apparent disorder.

The architecture of Carpenters Workshop Gallery will be ingeniously transformed with varying levels of display integrated throughout the space. By contextualizing the environment, the exhibition transcends mere display and creates an immersive, multi-dimensional encounter.

The exhibition’s immersive scenography guides you on an exhilarating exploration of the vibrant global art landscape — from new thought provoking pieces by Angelenes, Sterling Ruby and Thomas Huasego, through the material masteries of Ingrid Donat and to the enticing designs of Rick Owens and Victor Barragan. Viewers have the freedom to choose their own path through the exhibition, offering multiple routes that enable differing stories to be told through the exploration of scale, texture, and material. The space invites contemplation and celebrates the transformative power of chaos in art.