Claire Oliver Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of new work by artist BK Adams, Five Miles.

The exhibition features 10 large-scale, multimedia artworks that are layered narratives of symbolism, syphers, recurring imagery and text. Adams employs a complex system of references from the natural world such as dried flowers and wax bees alongside recurring characters such as the lion and the blue horse to tell complex biographical and allegorical stories.

The exhibition marks the gallery debut for the artist, whose work has already been placed in four institutions since he joined the gallery’s program in early 2023. Five Miles will be on view in New York City from September 8 - November 4, 2023.

My goal is to make works that are both personal and universal, inspirational, and empathetic. I am motivated by my own life as a father, artist, and spiritual being in the hopes that I can bring something important to the community. Each element in my work is symbolic. For example, I wore a flower in my lapel every day for a year and collected each flower in a bowl in the studio. These flowers ended up in my paintings as part of the system of life and beauty that surrounds us daily, infused with the spirit and time of my daily activity. I hope my work uplifts viewers and charts a path for choosing to see the beauty and worth behind everything, no matter how insignificant. There is magic in our power to choose joy.

(BK Adams)

Five Miles takes inspiration from southern wives' tales, folklore, and fables to offer works that represent BK Adams’ image of self and the stories of encouragement and inspiration. The recurring lion figure symbolizes leadership, wisdom, comfort and sanctuary. Often depicted with cubs, the lion serves as a teacher and guide imparting Adams’ philosophy of finding worlds and wonder within the minute and mundane. Adams' works are layered and complex maps intended to serve as a guide to help viewers navigate life’s obstacles by choosing joy and overcoming challenges by shifting our own perceptions.

I am a thinker, philosopher, artist. My work is meant to inspire and motivate, comfort, and reassure. Time is our friend; I live every day inspired. In my paintings you will find fragments of my philosophy there for the taking. Patterns, numbers, cyphers, letters, lines…. These are the texture which is the life I hope to share in every work of mine.

(BK Adams)