Amid the grit and mosaic jumble, Georgia McGovern’s latest cityscapes animate and ennoble the old-town environs compatible with its teeming citizenry.

(Greg Masters, critic and poet)

Georgia's work for the New York Times exhibition centers around ideas of landscape, architecture, and the city of New York as a living and breathing entity. She was born and raised in the Lower East Side, so she has a particular relationship with the city having known it her whole life. All of the cityscape paintings feature various references to landmarks and sights in the East Village— the visual style proposes an idea of human beings as mosaics or puzzle pieces within the greater urban setting.

Georgia McGovern (b. 1988, New York) lives and works in New York. Selected recent exhibitions include Brackett Creek Exhibitions, Bozeman MT/New York; The Valley, Taos, NM; Citygroup, New York; and Patrick Parrish Gallery, New York, amongst others. McGovern received her MFA from New York Studio School, and her BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.