Have you ever wished for something with all your heart? Hoped and prayed it would become a reality one day. For almost eleven years, I had dreamt about having a dog. I imagined what it would be like the moment I held him in my arms. What it would be like to cuddle and play with him all day.

Then, that day finally came. It was a Sunday. My friends rang my doorbell and when I opened it, I just froze. My friend stepped forward and handed me the cutest black Labrador I had ever seen! I could not believe this was happening! I squeezed him tight and told him, he was finally home….

I used to have a dog when I was in school. He was the best thing that ever happened to me. He lived a good life but when he was gone, there was a big void in my life. There are moments in your life when everything seems to be going wrong. When the pain and mental fog makes it impossible to get through the day. In those days, it is important to have unconditional love to get you through. That is what I have now every day. No matter what is happening in the world outside, when I look at my puppy, I feel alive. I feel seen and very loved. There is nothing I would not do for him. He is my whole universe.

Rush came to us during the pandemic of 2020. He grew up with everyone being home all the time and that meant playtime all day. No one could say no to his adorable demands. He would wake us up super early and expect us to have the same level of energy he did. He never got any formal training. Just knows the basics. I believe that makes him his own person today. His personality is unmistakable. Sensitive, loving, stubborn and forever energetic. He converts the most fearful hearts through love and those adorable puppy eyes.

For anyone reading this who has not owned a pet before, I urge you to open your mind to it. There are so many dogs who need a home, and who will change your life forever if you just open your doors and hearts to them. It is a huge responsibility. Caring for an animal who cannot communicate in the way we do; all comes down to instinct. How good are you at understanding the needs of others? Would you be able to predict what your fur friend needs before he asks? Could you adjust your home, days and life so he is comfortable? If yes, bringing home a dog can really be the life-changing event you were always hoping for.

It is true, time, patience and unconditional love can heal anything. We have all been through a lot since 2020. This is why it is important to go beyond ourselves and care for another. It shows you a side of life that you have never seen before. For me, having a constant companion gave me the support and love I had been craving for a long time. It gives profound happiness that makes you glad you took a chance and let your best friend through the door.

This year, Rush turned three years old. He has a lot of friends, some who have fur and some who don’t. He is living his best life and making sure his humans are constantly on their toes. To know more, please follow his Instagram page, @Sir_rushalot. After all, is a dog really pampered unless he has his own social media account?