Deepika  Singh
Joined Meer in February 2023
Deepika Singh

I think it’s important to say, “Yes! I did one thing that was outside my comfort zone this month.” I don't put myself in danger, but I do make sure I’m adventurous enough to take in all that life has to offer. I'm creative and professional. I enjoy new opportunities that let me explore ideas with others. I can envision how an idea will play out and why it deserves to be.

I think a lot about how current trends will affect the future. Experiencing the ‘Now’ gives me material to write and I examine if it will be relevant tomorrow. Yes, sometimes even the best-laid plans can take unexpected turns. That’s why tactful solutions are necessary to keep in handy. When I meet people, I let them talk. I take in their perspectives and discover insights that help form the basis of my understanding of the world. Getting people to share genuine stories also makes me responsible to translate their sentiments fairly.

You can call me a writer, travel enthusiast and dog parent. I aim to experience all the continents and discover all there is to taste, admire and gain from this world.

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