A conceptual painter with a Natural History background, von Morisse interests lie in exploring aspects of human psychology and how we interact with the world.

With his work End of a New Dawn, von Morisse was the winner of the “Best New Contemporary Artist Award 2005” at the Kunstnerenes Hus Museum in Oslo, Norway.

End of a New Dawn explores the relationship between painting and photography “reversing" the traditional roles of the two mediums by using paintings as the starting point for an elaborate and intricate photographic process. The large-scale photographs use paintings invented and made by von Morisse as the subject matter of the photographs.

The 9 paintings, in black and white, depict witty, time scrambling visions of sci-fi future stocked with technologies of the recent past. The artist painted then photographed the paintings, enlarging the images so that they take on a soft focus. That process seems to undermine accuracy and truth of photography. The title End of a New Dawn refers with nostalgia to the immense technological promises of the 60’s & the 70’s, before they dissipated into the ambiguities of the information age.

In 2005, the 9 silver gelatin prints (42 x 43 in.) were exhibited at Mckenzie Fine Art in New York where the works received critical acclaim and were reviewed by Jonathan Goodman in Art in America, October 2005, “Andre von Morisse at McKenzie”, p.180, illustrated.

Andre von Morisse was born in Oslo, Norway in 1966 and came to America in 1978. In 1990, he graduated cum laude from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA and moved to New York in 1991. His works were featured in many group shows in galleries and museums in the US, and he had solo exhibitions with McKenzie Fine Art (2005 & 2003), and James Graham and Sons (2000, 1997) in New York, NY. Reviewed in the Art News (2007), Art in America (2005), New York Magazine (2003), Artnet (2000), and Review (1997), his art has also been often featured by Norway’s main dailies Aftenposten and VG, Kunst art magazine (2013), as well as Norwegian-American newspaper, Norway Times. Von Morisse’s paintings are held in prominent private and corporate collections in the US.