Monika Weiss' "Koiman II – Years Without Summers (24 Nocturnes)" is a series of 24 film projections, 24 sound compositions, and charcoal and graphite drawings inspired by Winterreise (Winter Journey), a cycle of 24 songs for voice and piano composed in 1828 by the German Romantic composer Franz Schubert.

It is dedicated to the artist’s late mother, pianist Gabriela Weiss, who passed away in April 2017, and to current refugees and migrants around the world. Each film portrays an anonymous female protagonist performing silent, almost motionless gestures of lamentation, set against dark landscapes of wintery forests, lakes and urban areas.

The choreography of movement, slow motion and superimposition are characteristic of "Koiman II" series. Concurrently, Weiss writes music for each film and works with opera vocalists to perform/record her musical compositions, which she later edits in digital format.