Tuleste Factory, the Chelsea contemporary design and art gallery, announces its latest exhibition, "Harmonious Proportions," featuring the works of both current artists and selection of new exciting additions to its roster.

The show is set to open during the much-anticipated NYCxDesign week 2023 opening afterparty, Thursday, May 18 from 8-11pm, with new installations across three rooms, two floors and a 5,000 square foot outdoor terrace.

"Harmonious Proportions" is a celebration of artistic diversity, showcasing a range of works that explore the themes of balance, symmetry, and form. Harmonious Proportions refers to the balanced relationship between different elements in a design or composition. The exhibition brings together 23 designers and artists for their own thematic approach to the concept of harmony, drawing inspiration from various sources, including nature, architecture, design and mathematics.

Among the artists featured there will be new works by Ian Alistair Cochran, Lyora Pissarro and the Allaux Brothers in collaboration with Facture, Joseph Conrad-Ferm, Timbur and Yonathan Moore. New Factory artists will be presenting works including Camila Varon, Diaphan, Sol Bailey Barker and Sten Studio by Jose Esperon. Yonathan Moore will be launching his second collection of Optical Monuments, introducing two new designs: the Totem floor lamp and the Megalith hanging lamp.

A special curation “EXIT Room #002: Dalmatian Blue” will be presented for the first time by spatial designer and artist Ceren Arslan, known for her work with Kelly Wearstler and in the digital space with EXIT. The curation name references darker shades of porsche, the dalmatian blue is a handsome setting of a home in a dalmatian pattern. Curated with select designed objects, the room will mimic a typical apartment setting in an immersive monochromatic format.

Flattened out at first sight, the room receives its dimension as the visitors enter and become part of the work.

Creative agency and disruptor Mother New York will present its “Bliss'' sofa for the first time to the public on the second floor of the gallery. Bliss is a provocative, self-conscious meditation on the role of consumerism and class politics in the global climate crisis. Bliss poses as a prototype for an upcoming, imaginary line of floating furniture, targeting affluent individuals seeking an appealing contingency plan for rising sea levels. Through this satirical lens, the art piece aims to highlight the imbalance between people with means and those without, during times of catastrophe. By investing in this one-of-a-kind art and design piece, the buyer will contribute to critical discussions about our collective future and with a portion of proceeds being donated to the USA for UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency.

Tuleste Factory has a reputation for showcasing some of the most exciting and innovative contemporary design and art in New York City. The gallery has a keen eye for emerging talent, and this exhibition is no exception. "Harmonious Proportions" promises to be a visually stunning and thought-provoking experience, providing a fresh perspective on the relationship between art, design, and harmony.