The Music Photo Gallery is proud to present a long-awaited tribute exhibition honoring the iconic rock photographer, Mick Rock. The exhibition will take place at the Photo London Fair (Main Section) from May 11 to 14, at Somerset House, London, UK.

The gallery is thrilled to share, for the first time, a meticulously curated selection of vintage prints from Mick Rock's personal archive, featuring a range of rare and unique prints that includes never-before-seen images.

Alongside these, a stunning collection of original signed photographs by the legendary photographer will also be on display. This is a unique opportunity to appreciate and acquire a complete set of some of Mick Rock's most captivating works, which will be available for the first time since his passing

Mick Rock was more than just a photographer. He was a visionary who captured the essence of the music and the culture of the era with his lens. In this exhibition, which Mick had thoughtfully planned with us, we celebrate his incredible contribution to the art of rock photography. It's a poignant tribute to a true artist who was at the forefront of his craft and whose images continue to inspire generations.

During the dynamic and electrifying 1970s, at the outset of his illustrious career, the artist created a limited number of prints from his photographs. These now-vintage prints, which are highly valued today, were cherished as treasures and have remained with the artist throughout his career, until today.

This is a celebration of Mick Rock's life, his work, and his impact on the music world. We invite you to join us on this journey of remembrance and to pay homage to one of the greatest photographers, a wonderful human being, and a dear friend.