“Fade,” the upcoming exhibition at Thomas Deans Fine Art in Atlanta, features the paintings of two Georgia artists whose recent work is a metaphor for change. Carl Linstrum’s exquisite “Fade” series presents trees seemingly disappearing before the viewers’ eyes in the face of today’s rapid climate alteration. Chris Dolan’s series, “Convergences,” was born as a response to the recent Covid pandemic. Beautifully gestural, Dolan’s paintings defy narrative but seem to suggest either converging mountain ranges or roiling seas. Both artists employ rich and complex techniques to convey their images.

Chris Dolan lived and exhibited for many years in France before settling in Atlanta over twenty years ago. She now divides her time between her studios in Savannah and St. Miguel de Allende in the Bajio mountains of central Mexico. Her series, “Convergences,” was born in response to the 2020 Covid pandemic. Beautifully gestural, Dolan’s paintings defy categorization or narrative but suggest converging mountain ranges or roiling seas. Like Carl Linstrum, she employs complex and masterly techniques to convey her imagery.

Carl Linstrum has been part of the Atlanta art world for more than two decades, as a gallerist, exhibiting artist, and educator, Currently a professor at the Savannah College of Art and Design, Carl still maintains a rigorous schedule of painting for exhibitions. Carl's recent work is a visual metaphor for our changing environment. His exquisite “Fade” series, which lends its name to the exhibition, presents images of trees that seem to be slowly disappearing before the viewers’ eyes. But the paintings' mysterious beauty invites viewers to create their own narratives.