Thomas Deans Fine Art presents Resonance: New Paintings by Rebecca Crowell. It is the third exhibition at the gallery by the artist internationally known for developing techniques of oil paint mixed with cold wax.

Resonance: New Paintings by Rebecca Crowell features 14 of the artist’s most recent abstract paintings in the challenging media of oil paint and cold wax. The visual vocabulary of Crowell’s work has evolved from experiences in the ancient, rugged landscapes of northern New Mexico, where she now lives, and in other remote places, such as the west coast of Ireland where she spends time. The dramatic vistas of these landscapes are moving and rich in complex colors and textures, organic shapes, and luminous atmosphere. Combined with techniques of pure abstraction, Crowell creates imagery that is much more inner landscape than an external depiction. To quote the artist:

Rugged landscapes have taught me what I want my paintings to be—strong yet nuanced, bold yet intricate, and possessing a quiet, contained energy— all of which I hope resonates with the viewer.

In her paintings, Rebecca Crowell uses primarily oil paint, powered pigments, and cold wax medium, a paste-like substance that adds body and luminosity to the paint:

Techniques I originated in my practice 20 years ago are now widely recognized and taught. My process is complex and physically demanding, involving many layers of paint and wax that are scratched, imprinted, and dissolved to reflect the forces of nature. There is a resonance between this process and my personal connection to the ancient landscapes I love.