In the scenario that today's world finds itself in, making decisions can be overwhelming and complicated. Managing is not always simple, we would like to have certainties and clarity and in these difficult times, it is less so. This is mainly because we are fighting against two additional forces that increase risk: uncertainty, since we do not have all the information we need, and ambiguity that, at best, leads us to interpret scenarios that move from place quickly. To fight chaos, it is necessary to start from our vision, put ourselves in the mirror and evaluate. Managing, in times of uncertainty, leads us to rethink the question: "What do I value most?" and measure what that means for each of us.

For years, we have lived riding on the crest of a dizzying wave that moves at high speeds. We ran back and forth, like puppies chasing their tails and turning on their own axis. With that chronic rush, we accelerated without reflection. We were a version of the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland's twenty-first-century version that went fast, as if it did not have time, without knowing where it was going or what was the destination to which it was going. Now, we are presented with the possibility of reflection.

This situation is an opportunity to imagine and decide what direction we want to take in the future. It seems nonsense that during all the uncertainty and ambiguity, we have to make such transcendent decisions. However, if we think about it sincerely, we may have never stopped along the way to ask ourselves this question, much less give us an honest answer.

When thinking about what we value most, we have to be careful. It is about answering frankly. The answer has to be rooted in our values and only in our own. Not in those of my boss or my loved ones, not in something we have accepted as our own and actually are not. It’s about identifying what is really relevant to us because that will lead us to imagine what must happen to reach the result we want and with it is what should guide your decision-making every step of the way.

One of the main objectives of the administration is to avoid chaos, that is, to advocate for order. Of course, the administrative challenge is aggravated in times of uncertainty and ambiguity, however, it is not impossible to achieve. In fact, when we enlighten our minds and open up to ourselves, the moment we are able to identify our values, things become easier. In fact, these values are like the rails on which our projects run, they give us direction and help us to size our goals.

Of course, it's very important to say that's just the first step. The gap between clarity and ambiguity that is mixed with uncertainty does not magically vanish, nor with good wishes and much less with good intentions. Come on, it is not enough to contemplate, we must take action.

But, unlike Alice's White Rabbit, today we have time to reflect calmly. The pandemic is going to end and it seems that its end is getting closer every day. We have the opportunity at hand in these moments in which we have the precious resource of hours, minutes, and seconds. But, we have to be aware that it is a finite and non-renewable element. It is there to be taken advantage of.

To manage in times of uncertainty and ambiguity, it would be good to take the example of Louis XV, the Sun King who said: "dress me slowly that I am in a hurry", before accelerating again, we can stop to think about what we really value and from there: foresee, plan, integrate, coordinate, direct, evaluate and control. This way we can take firm steps instead of blind sticks. Doesn't that sound bad, right?