What are we living for?
A race for wealth and riches?
For beauty and vanity?
Fakery and coveted positions?

Our life is nothing but merely dust
“From dust we came to dust we shall return”
How we return to that dust is yet to be known
While we still exist, we ought to find a living purpose
That is found deep within us alone
And let this light preserve us
Till our dust falls to the ground to be blown

What are we fighting for?
A return on our worthless investments?
For endless endeavours?
For glorious pursuits that nourish our pride?

We sell our souls to the illusion of happiness
And rob our beings from the true reality of joy
That comes from living in genuine goodness
Our daily desire is to be greater than he is who is "great"
Without knowing what is great and how we can unerringly be great
Till we suddenly realise that we have fallen for the bait
Like rats trapped in the beguilement of his predator
And ye will no longer be able to escape for your better!
Run! Run! Run for the light!
For this is your fight.

Do we hurt when our neighbours hurt?
Do we grief when our neighbours grieve?
Do we mourn when our neighbours mourn?
We ought to—someday soon it shall be us.

You sit there comfortably and plan your years ahead
Not knowing that ill fate can befall like a thunder
Swift and unsparingly, leaving you broken instead
With an open field ready for the enemy to take his plunder

What do I care? You may say!
My wealth will be my refuge
Remember nothing is sure, not even your today
Choices were your ally but this fate you can’t refuse!
Many are being afflicted with terrors
While you cuddle yourself to sleep
And ponder on the upcoming pleasures
Wake up! Soon it shall be us.

The cries of the motherless babies
The fear of the lost children
The stupor of the young and the old
When tragedy and pain leaves them in the cold
Since the motives of the leaders are yet to be told
Humanity is an image that yes! has grown rusty and old
Because selfish attainments are more enticing
We eat it greedily like cake with tasty icing
Savouring every bite while the weak are left fighting
For the very basic of life called —surviving!

What do I care? You may say!
My intentions are more conspicuous
Little do you know that your future is grey
Since your morality is so exiguous
Don’t be too breezy, be alert and let your heart be warm
Live like it’s your last — Soon it shall be us

My heart is troubled when I turn to my left
My brothers are in pain just for simply existing
I am restless when I turn to my right
My sisters are fighting to feed their children
I turn to the back and all I see is fear
But I look up and there I see hope and faith
As surely as the sun shines in all its assurance
I know that the unseen deliverance will be their fulfilled guarantee

Strength and peace to discord and strife
Honour and mercy to battle and hate
Truth and power to deception and darkness
Goodness and justice to the weak and blameless

Above all, love knows no hour nor second
It is the only constant that lives within our beings, innately
Feed it, nurture it and let it grow mightily
All else will fade and only love will remain
In these moments that are inhumane
Till all pain is turned into gain
And we shall meet in the afterlife again.