In May, Thomas Deans Fine Art will be introducing paintings by well-known San Francisco Bay area painter Sharon Paster. Sharon works on canvas and paper and her imagery encompasses both abstraction and figuration. Her paintings reflect her attraction to the energy around her: the force of pounding surf, the motion of cars, the blink of an eye. In her wonderfully colorful paintings, the artist hopes to suspend time, capture a moment of change, and provoke a response of sheer delight. Her new paintings will be on view from 14 May through 4 June.

Sharon Paster creates her abstract paintings using oil sticks and brushes, a technique that actually allows her to draw and paint at the same time. She always seeks a beautiful calmness somewhere on the canvas, but one that’s accompanied by the sense that we are always involved in change.

Her semi-abstract “rock paintings” are inspired by the shore lines in Northern California and Baja, Mexico. They mingle elements of realism with abstraction, juxtaposing the fixed with the fluid to convey the always present rocky shore and the water that flows around it.