Taste Contemporary is proud to present Distorted Duets, a group exhibition that showcases the work of five contemporary photographers alongside sculptural works in clay and glass by Taste Contemporary gallery artists. The exhibition takes place at La Fonderie Kugler, Geneva, Switzerland from 7th to 17th October 2021 Since its establishment in 2012, Taste Contemporary has championed ceramic and glass art; recognising and showcasing the work of both established and emerging international artists. It now wishes to explore a dialogue between this work and five established photographers, in an exhibition, presented at the industrial setting of Fonderie Kugler, that introduces audiences familiar with each genre to the possibilities that exist within the other.

In pairing the work of photographer Kim Boske with ceramic artist Marit Tingleff, we see the painterly qualities that exist in both; the layering of colour and texture to create intensely expressive images. This contrasts with the playfulness of artist Ruth van Beek’s work that originates from her archive of photographic images, which she re-arranges by folding, cutting or adding pieces of painted paper.

These are shown alongside a new series of objects by Richard Meitner. In manipulating fibre glass and combining it with other materials, Meitner also looks to surprise, and challenge the viewer, encouraging them to question what he or she is viewing. Isabelle Wenzel’s photographs have an almost surrealist quality, suggesting curious and unexpected sculptural forms that emerge from the human body. In Gijs Assmann’s quirky sculptural objects, we also see traces of the human form as well as domestic objects, presented in unexpected ways. The painterly quality of Elspeth Diederix’s photographs are reminiscent of Dutch still life paintings. In this exhibition she presents otherworldly underwater seascapes that are powerfully evocative. Virginia Leonard, on the other hand, explores themes of pain and trauma within her works however, the results are equally evocative, as clay is layered and stacked to create visceral ceramic sculptures.

The final pairing sees the surrealist qualities of Paul Kooiker’s photographs alongside new works by Anne Marie Laureys, whose ceramic sculptures are renowned for their sense of excitement, spontaneity and tactility. Distorted Duets can be seen at Fonderie Kugler, Geneva, Switzerland from 7th to 17th October 2021.