A group of french artists from "Beauty of Morning Calm" exhibit free style paintings and sculptures which depict current tendancies in contemporary French art. The artists wish to share their works with Londoners!

Please come to have a nice night with French art and wine!!

Featuring: F. Bertrand, D. Reboux, A.M.Parmentier, M. Boyer, L.Succar, J.Jamon, Zazo, C.Giroud, D.Steketee, A. Burel, K. Trevisani.

Martine Boyer first studied humanities. She then approached different artistic techniques such as drawing, watercolour on wet paper, and modeling in private studios. Since 2006 she has been interested in Beaux Arts collage and this medium has rapidly become her means of spontaneous writing in images. Mixed and pastel techniques have also helped enlarge her field of expression. In these endeavors, her deepest desire is to listen to her inner voice. Beyond reality, in search of the ineffable, through the emergence of tales that weave their own tapestries, she pursues the inaccessible star.

France Giroud Canny (F G C) was born in 1941. She studies drawing at the Beaux-Arts and practices Classic Ballet Dancing at the Academy in Algiers (1rst Prize in 1962), and after in various theatres. After her retirement from the Administration, she starts sculpting, book-binding with ornament cover and, principally, painting. She likes creating abstract and imaginative paintings, using often acrylic colours combined with dense materials, charcoal graphic drawings and pastels to enhance shades. She also likes depicting Mediterranean colours, curve and geometrical forms. She has participated in several exhibitions and got prizes in 2011 and 2013.

Jasmine El Khoury , known as Jazo, can be best described as a vibrant and innovative artist, in both her work and her personality. Her Swedish and American influences bring structure to her compositions. Each piece is executed with a deep mastering of artistic techniques, while her mid-orient influence is expressed in the vivacious livelihood and harmony she bestows upon us. Her thorough research in color is unique in the way she uses them with precision to reveal light and to perfect shapes in her work. Jazo creations are full of life and colors and convey sensitivity and a new outlook on life. Her Interior Design background has enabled her to create pieces that are both stand alone, and delicate additions to any given environment, as they create energy in and of themselves. Words of the Artist: “Colour is the soul, Colour is the light, Colour is the motor of senses”.

Born in New York to Brazilian and American parents, Daria Steketee was immersed in the vibrant artistic environment of multicultural New York. Through her father, conductor Lorin Maazel, a unique behind the scenes experience of concerts and operas provide a visual feast which fires her imagination. The influence of South America is expressed in a visceral approach to the creative process, a mix of energy and poetry, a call to something more profound – a celebration of life. The study of mythology and travels ignite a desire to search for the origin of ideas - a wish to find what is hidden and buried. Questioning beliefs, uncovering primordial structures beyond social norms.

Dominique Reboux , painter of solitude during thirty years: I followed Montparnasse's courses where I used three primary colors in my creative works. Today I choose the "Black and White" as spare research inclination.

Jack Jamon Photography Art. An instinctive impulse puts rhythm into my life of artist: a ceaseless search of esthetics and a thirst for recognition born in the entrails and the meanders of an obsessing and tyrannical sentimental frustration. Art is to me at the same time sublimation and therapy. The object is not selected for what it’s really, but for what it represents. The subjectivity of photography reaches its paroxysm here. Reality until the imaginary one of the spectator, it’s whole and complete; it thus represents the escape or the assent and the existential duality between creation and self-destruction in my utopian research of beautiful…

French sculptor Alain-Marie Parmentier was born in 1949 at a farm situated in the extensive Vosigan heights. From 1996 he alternated personal, public and private exhibitions in several european countries (Italy, Nederland, Russia) as well in Paris ( Aéroports d'Orly, Eglise de La Madeleine, Jardins du Luxembourg, Carrousel du Louvre...). He has produced many creations for private collectors and companies and carried out liturgical conversions, including furniture and ornaments for religious art in France. Out the course of time, he combines abstraction with naturalism, standing between both organic and figurative styles. Such joy and heart-felt generosity beat from the heart of his masterpieces.

Françoise Bertrand . Passionate about painting as a young girl, I rediscovered this art 15 years ago thanks to a training with a teacher from the “ Ecole des Beaux Arts de Paris “ and two conference cycles at the “ Musée du Louvre “. My favourite theme has always been the sea. Changing lights of the ever moving oceans, small fishing boats grounded ashore or children playing in the sand are some of the subjects I love to paint. I only use oil techniques. The richness of its pigments and the infinite variety of its colour combinations allow me to fully express my emotions. I especially enjoy working with a knife in the thickness of the material. This knife technique can be smoothly combined with flat brush strokes to enhance the depth of my compositions. Over the past ten years I gained continually renewed praise from a growing public, through yearly exhibitions of my Atlantic Ocean seascapes. In 2013 I took part in the two main art fairs in Paris : “ Salon d’Automne “ and the “ Salon des Indépendants “ which takes place in the “ Grand Palais “. Following the later exhibition my work “ A fleur d’eau “ was awarded a “ Toile d’or “ ( golden canvass ). I will be delighted to come over to London to meet the British public.

Karen Trevisani is a Colombian sculptor who lives and works in Paris, France. Graphic designer by education, she first worked in the advertising industry before exclusively devoting herself to bronze sculpture. She sees her work as a research reflecting her fascination for the mobile/immobile duality in abstract sculpture, the interaction between light and shadow, forms and colors.

Born in Beirut (Lebanon) in 1970, Laurette Succar is a writer, painter and visual artist. She lives in Paris. Her work is regularly exposed in France and abroad. It is present in numerous private and public collections. Her artistic approach joins for a long time in an attempt of stake in echo of the poetic writing and the plastic writing. The used medium, the spices, sends back to her culture of origin and allows to establish a footbridge between the individual memory and the collective memory. The symbolic content conveyed by this medium is obviously the backbone of all this research : preciosity, exchanges, offerings, conviviality, cultural interbreedings, nomadism get involved in the rites of the most ancient civilizations by which the sacred was summoned. The invitation in the journeys still remains to assume and to pass on; the links between the generations, the peoples and the cultures always remain to weave.