Art Corp are a collective of eight photography students currently studying at University of the Arts London. All exploring different techniques and ideas of involving the human body, from fashion photography to contemporary fine art photography, finding a way to link the two together. Each photographer has a completely different take on the common link of the human body with the use of both black and white photographs, bright vibrant photographs and even sewing into prints.

Artists:Cecily Morris, Daisy Hook, Grace Jackson, Jess Hellicar, Lois Morton, Sahar Gilani, Saif Mikail, William Henry Scott.

Grace Jackson first found her passion for photography in her GSCE’s. After moving to America for a short period she was unable to study it, as it was not available on her course list. Therefore Photography became a big hobby of hers until she then moved back to London and then went on and took this passion further when she studied it at A levels. She is now currently about to start her third year at London College of Communication and will be graduating in 2015. Her work is formed by events that have affected her life and enjoys looking into the psychology of the human body and the psychological theories of the humans, for example those suggested by Sigmund Freud. She often is very discreet on what her photographs are about, and encourages making the viewer make up their own mind and own interruption of the work. She works with different mediums but often uses a digital camera and enjoys using props and also adding paint onto of an image or sewing into an image to add something extra to the print.

Daisy Hook started her interest in photography and the Arts from early on, and completed a foundation degree at the University for the Creative Arts Maidstone, specialising in PhotoMedia. From there she is currently completing a B.A Hons Degree in Photography at the London College of Communication. Her work varies through different mediums and interests, but often focuses upon current cultural and psychological topics, particularly identity. Often leaning more towards digital photography than film, she does work in both but enjoys the freedom and manipulation that comes with the modernity. She hopes to continue her exploration of the world and people through her photography.

Lois Morton has studied at University of the Arts Maidstone where she completed her foundation degree in Art and Design in 2012. She is currently living and studying in London for her BA (hons) degree in Photography at London College of Communication, completing it in 2015. Within her field she is particularly interested in the intimate engagement with the feminine, mythology and surrealist portraiture. Lois's work embodies the power of the surreal as well as the idea of beauty vs discomfort in her images.

Saif Mikail is a photography student at the London College of Communication. Primarily concerned with street and documentary styles, his work is organic and defined in the moment. His art practice is a highly stylised extention of his interest in the document, conceptually dealing with the human condition, desire, death and mans place within the world.

After studying photography at A Level Cecily Morris discovered she had a real passion for the art form. She completed a foundation at UAL- London Collage of Communication and decided to stay at this university to complete a BA(Hons) in photography. She has always had a real eye for photographing the female figure and adores working in the darkroom, although she has also found a new love for digital photography. After completing her degree in the summer of 2015 she has expectation to move forward with her photography and start focusing on her ambitions to become a known photographer. One of her greatest dream is to move to New York to continue her photography and find work out there, she would also find the greatest enjoyment in having her work shown in well known galleries across the world.

Jessica Hellicar has been passionate about the arts from a very early age. Coming from an artistic family, she has always been encouraged to nurture her creativity and love for art. She received her first camera when she was 13 and hasn't looked back since, continuing on to develop her own unique style of capturing fashion as well as obscure portraiture, freezing moments of life in a frame, exploring themes of reality, gender, family, representation and memory image.

Sahar Gilani is a camera enthusiast and illustrator currently completing her degree in BA Photography at the London College of communication. Sahar explains her work as a diaristic and candid approach in capturing the objects, people and situations she has encountered in her daily life. Primarily focused in using flash and film photography, more specifically 35mm, Sahar achieves a vividly coloured and highly lit aesthetic which she uses to capture her subject matter, usually highlighting the human engagement within our surroundings. With her point and shoot in hand, there are no limits to what she might capture, and to her that is the most exciting essence of photography.

William Henry Scott - Hi, I'm a Portait and fashion photographer. Interactions between people have always been my biggest inspiration. Among my heroes David Bailey and David Lynch inspired me for the work i produced. I wanted to make a comment on sex in society.