Landscape photography is a diverse genre. This exhibition showcases two photographer’s work in this field.

Body Landscapes

The inspiration for this project came from my work with a 15 year-old girl who had been sexually abused for years. Her cognitive functioning around her sexuality: body concept; sense of autonomy; self-esteem; and ability to develop physical relationships with others. Victims of sexual abuse often have a dysmorphic view of their bodies.

In Body Landscapes I wanted to produce beautiful micro images of the face and body to enable a victim of sexual abuse to reappraise their own body and begin to change the negative associations and memories, to regain autonomy, make informed decisions and develop healthy relationships. However, some of the images might be offered in phototherapy as a way of working through their fears. - Myra Boyle, 2014

Timeless Skye

This project shows the timeless and unreal landscapes of The Isle of Skye. My inspiration for this exhibition was the myths and legends the people of Skye told to explain the landscape around them. Their tales were based on their religious beliefs as well as local legend.

All the locations featured were chosen for their connection with an ancient story.

The individual prints were made by hand using platinum and palladium chemicals, painted onto watercolour paper before exposure and development. - Julia Rushton, 2014