"Life is without meaning. You bring the meaning to it. The meaning of life is whatever you ascribe it to be. Being alive is the meaning." - Joseph Campbell

Photographic Being suggests the embodiment of a moment - the view the photographer has of the world, of being alive in that world.
With respect to this, the Jeffrey Leder Gallery will be hosting it's first exhibit solely focused on photography. Illustrating the progression from vision to tangible art. The exhibit will realize both international and local photographers for their talent and ingenuity.

To quote Susan Sontag
"Photographs really are experience captured, and the camera is the ideal arm of consciousness in its acquisitive mood."


Orestes Gonzalez
"I have been taking photographs since 1979, when I bought my first Nikon. Since then, I have taken images of people and the built environment all over the planet. Photography has made me more aware of what surrounds and affect us individually and as a society in general.

In 2001, digital technology came into my life... The freedom and spontaneity of digital technology deepened my vocabulary and set me on a path to refine my visual curiosity.

My dedication to photography as a form of expression has taken over and enriched my life. Capturing life's mundane events and bringing them to light. Acknowledging man's great accomplishments and follies, and looking for the humanity and the fantasy in each and every gesture.

This is what I do."

Jeffrey Leder
"As director of the Gallery I have focused on presenting emerging and mid-career global artists. My perspective of art is diverse - from Drawings, Paintings, Sculpture to Photography and from Abstract to Hyper-Realistic. If the work in front of me moves, touches, and entices me - I'm connected, I will want to present that artwork to the public.

We have entered our fourth year at the gallery, which I have found to be fully engaging"