Anselm Kiefer: Beyond Landscape contextualizes the Albright-Knox’s newest acquisition, Kiefer’s der Morgenthau Plan within its new place in the Gallery’s collection. Beyond Landscape will also feature die Milchstrasse, a painting that was added to the Collection more than two decades ago in celebration of the museum’s 125th anniversary. A painting by Kiefer on loan, entitled Von der Maas bis an die Memel, von der Etsch bis an den Belt, will also be on view.

These Kiefer works will be complemented by paintings and works on paper from the Gallery’s Collection that also feature landscape as a way of exploring history, identity, and memory. Beyond Landscape will feature works by Bernd and Hilla Becher, Jean-Marc Bustamante, Sandra Cinto, Gustave Courbet, Willie Doherty, George Inness, Emil Nolde, Sophie Ristelhueber, Hiroshi Sugimoto, and others. Together, the works by Kiefer and these artists will explore themes such as The Political Landscape, The Psychology of Landscape, and The Transcendent Sublime.

As a special feature of Beyond Landscape, the museum invites the community to play an important role in the exhibition by participating in an exchange of ideas and discussion about the issues presented in the exhibition. Within the exhibition, a room dedicated to further learning, contemplation, and expression will be equipped with reading materials, drawing and writing supplies, and computers to provide visitors with immediate access to the Beyond Landscape blog, as well as video and audio content about the artist and his subject matter. The responses will be reviewed by Albright-Knox staff and posted on the blog throughout the run of the exhibition. Select responses will be used in the Beyond Landscape catalog, which will also include an in-depth interview with the artist by Chief Curator Douglas Dreishpoon, an essay on the contextual Collection works by Curator for the Collection Holly E. Hughes, and a daily log of personal observations from the exhibition by Albright-Knox Art Gallery Director Janne Sirén entitled “My Ninety Days with Kiefer.”