Hashimoto Contemporary is pleased to present People & Things, a solo exhibition by San Franciscobased artist, Emilio Villalba. Consisting of a new series of oil paintings of composite still lifes and portraits, the exhibition is Villalba's inaugural solo exhibition at Hashimoto Contemporary and debut solo exhibition in New York City.

For People & Things, Villalba was inspired by the everyday objects and people from his daily life. Each subject was painted alla prima. By working with layers of wet-on-wet paint, the artist calls to mind the quickness with which these subjects appear and re-appear throughout his day. Gestural brushstrokes create depth and texture, bringing a sense of beauty and appreciation for the mundane, from empty beer cans, to broken-in Converse sneakers, to old Toyotas.

Collage-like compositions are prominent throughout the body of work, mimicking the winding narratives of a dream. Objects are shown overlapping, pieced together and floating in an undefined space, interposed with self-portraits and set against checkered backgrounds. These ambiguous configurations are almost like snapshots, archived from deep within the artists memories.