Through the winter and spring 2021, Thomas Deans Fine Art will continue its series of “mini-exhibitions” featuring artists new to the gallery. The exhibitions will be available for both online and in-person viewing. Opening May 14, we present paintings by New York artist Tracy Burtz spanning the last two decades of her work.

Tracy Burtz is a figurative painter whose still lifes and paintings of women explore intimate moments of everyday life and the emotions they evoke. They project a variety of patterns and moods in often subtle but radiant colors. The paintings reflect the harmony and tension created by the interplay of images on the flat surface. "In making a painting, the abstract elements are very important to me,” says Burtz. “The composition, color, light, space, brushstroke, and paint quality are vital to the whole. These elements become what I call ‘music to the eye.’”

Tracy Burtz received her BFA from Boston University School for the Arts in 1978 and a MFA from CUNY Queens College in 1980. She also studied at the New York Studio School in Paris, and the Rhode Island School of Design. Among her teachers were such luminaries as Elaine de Kooning and Leland Bell. To find her own creative voice as a contemporary painter, Burtz says she “had to ‘unlearn’ her extensive formal classical education.”

Her work has been exhibited in many exhibitions in galleries and museums in New York City, Paris, New Mexico, Boston, Nantucket, Provincetown, CT, as well as many other places here and abroad. This marks her first exhibition in Atlanta and will comprise paintings spanning the last two decades.