For her upcoming exhibition, LY turns her focus to her immediate surroundings, but with a new visual approach. She explores the boundary between black and white, boosting her signature palette with countless new nuances that reflect a variety of emotions and thoughts.

Her subjects are now moving from the iconic scenes in the skatepark, burger or pizza joints toward a deeper journey into moments of daily existence that serve as a kind of self-portrait.

“The ways LUVS look” focuses on the new journeys that LUV, a bittersweet projection of the artist's thoughts and feelings, is running across. He is traveling to never visited places, engaging in different activities and meeting new friends. A completely revisited forest, traditionally a holy environment, revitalized by distinct shapes and peculiar grey tones, symbolizes the unknown context; even in the interior scenes this is noticeable from the window and highlighted by never explored objects, full of hidden meanings, like flowers and vases. Also, LUV’s outfits now change according to the surroundings, giving him new different looks, and now, besides mingling with his usual friends is often accompanied by cute dogs.

We invite the visitor to discover LUV’s new adventures by visiting this highly anticipated exhibition.

LY, born in Tokyo, LY is a painter who craves on nostalgia and imagination. Creating superior tones of streets, restaurants, activities, and other creatures that join on her journey through life. Crafting each painting with only tones of white, black, and gray LY places a creature which is a projection of her thoughts and feelings. She studied painting at an art school when she was much younger and later she emerged herself in further education. As time went by with her studies and travels, LY was encumbered of the street art lifestyle while drafting murals and graffiti artwork. With this new show, she aims to introduce a new creature that will sure express some mutual feelings with her work and the viewers.