Through the winter and spring 2021, Thomas Deans Fine Art will present a series of “mini exhibitions” featuring artists new to the gallery. The exhibitions will be available both online and in the gallery.

Fun, fascinating, and thoroughly Southern, our latest mini exhibition introduces the art of Evan Jones, a leading painter from among Atlanta's rising generation. Jones draws heavily on the visual language of America, especially the Deep South. He likens his paintings to an antique market, in which objects are juxtaposed without consideration for their original meaning or context but rather for their aesthetic qualities. By bringing together varying and disparate references and ignoring their original meaning, Jones presents them on the equal plane of the canvas as a kind of visual archive. In this way, his subjects can be considered in a new way, having been distilled by paint.

Evan's paintings are bold, colorful, witty, and intriguing. They add a great touch of the unexpected to any collection. Evan Jones was born and raised in Cashiers, in the mountains of North Carolina. He graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting from SCAD Atlanta and has exhibited throughout the United States. In 2017 Jones’ work was included in the annual publication New American Paintings South. His work was chosen a second time for inclusion in New American Paintings/South, 2020 edition.