Keep It Real: The artworks of Mr. Brainwash Presented by New River Fine Art is an exhibition at New River Fine Art, Fort Lauderdale that explores the alternative macrocosm of internationally renowned Post- Pop Artist, Mr. Brainwash, as he explores bold color, graffiti style markings, splatter paint, black stencils, silkscreened iconology, and audacious street art aesthetics. An art extravaganza, not to be missed, Keep It Real: The artworks of Mr. Brainwash Presented by New River Fine Art will be a virtual and in-person exhibition featuring new works by Mr. Brainwash (b. 1966) as he utilizes artistic undertones of Norman Rockwell inspired, but rebellious American Nostalgia.

Keep It Real: The artworks of Mr. Brainwash Presented by New River Fine Art delivers a sumptuous ostentation of graphic reverence dedicated to the prevailing king of conducive play. “Faux street tags and fabricated graffiti run amok. Mr. Brainwash is the master of juxtaposition. Motivational quotes intermingle in the urban hieroglyphics like contentions of encouragement. Lacking any kind of overt and contemptuous tones, the farce is more in line with ironic whimsy, than embezzled imagery,” says gallery owner, Lisa Burgess.

For more than a decade, Thierry Guetta, under his moniker, Mr. Brainwash, has been pushing the envelope of contemporary art. The orchestrated collision of street art and pop art has been his balancing act. The tipping point for Mr. Brainwash was his groundbreaking footage from the widely acclaimed documentary, Exit Through the Gift Shop. This Academy Award nominated film demonstrates the evolution of the street art movement with Mr. Brainwash, who, alongside Banksy, brings the art to the masses. Mr. Brainwash rocked the art world with his innovative and fearless style. He uses elements from pop art’s past and the raw components of his street art beginnings to create larger-than-life exhibitions and collaborations. Mr. Brainwash’s imaginative construction of gallery exhibitions and art shows throughout the world has continued to attract the attention of critics and celebrities alike. Navigating between worlds of film, celebrity culture, music, and sports, Mr. Brainwash has designed album covers for Madonna, Rick Ross, and KYGO. His artwork was featured in films and television productions such as Molly’s Game, Billions, Shameless, and the Kardashians. Mr. Brainwash’s talents are showcased in creative partnerships with powerhouse brands like Hublot, Coca Cola, and Marvel Comics creator Stan Lee. He also collaborated with world renowned soccer player Pelé, who joined the artist in splattering paint on select artwork.