New River Fine Art is proud to announce, “Keep Smiling”, an art exhibition by the internationally acclaimed contemporary artist, Mr Brainwash. This highly anticipated exhibition, scheduled to open on November 16, 2023, from 6 – 9 pm, and run through December 17, 2023, presents a diverse collection of Mr Brainwash's latest works, including original paintings and sculptures at New River Fine Art in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

With the finesse of a true contemporary artist, Mr Brainwash weaves his distinctive personality into each creation, transmitting his transcendental Pop Art magic, an alternative universe where bold hues dance alongside graffiti-style narratives and splatter-painted masterpieces. Each of his new creations serves as a vibrant portal where American nostalgia intertwines with modern eccentricity, offering a fresh perspective on the collision of the past and present in his ever-evolving cultural landscape.

Renowned French-born Los Angeles-based Street Artist Thierry Guetta, also known as Mr Brainwash, made his mark in the art world with his appearance in Banksy's film 'Exit Through the Gift Shop.' His artwork, backed by endorsements from Banksy and Shepard Fairey, has fetched five-figure prices, notably at his debut exhibit 'Life Is Beautiful.' Mr Brainwash’s artwork has been featured in some of the most prestigious art galleries and museums in the world. In December 2022, the Mr. Brainwash Art Museum in Los Angeles opened to enthusiastic praise, drawing in celebrities, clients, and collectors who patiently lined up for blocks to visit his personal and immersive Pop Art Wonderland. Mr. Brainwash, the artist behind this unmistakable brand, has earned global acclaim, solidifying his status as a Pop Culture Icon around the world.

“Mr Brainwash’s artwork is a dichotomy of time - from past epochs to the here and now, where black stencils intertwine with silkscreened iconography, and audacious street art aesthetics pulse within an indefatigable composition, arriving at what I see is always a welcomed mind-bending visual revolution,” says Lisa Burgess, President, New River Fine Art.