Satellite opens in Florence on 18th September 2020.

A space for contemporary art arrives in Florence from Cape Town, whose itinerant nature allows to reach a rich variety of talents and artistic practices of the various hemispheres in which it lives, thus creating new expressive vehicles: the artists involved come from many places different of the world and follow different definitions of artistic practice.

Surroundings is the first exhibition proposed by Satellite, a new project space in Florence, where you can find the horizons in which to get lost by Jake Aikman, the multiple references by Michelangelo Consani, the technical surfaces by Bonolo Kavula, the cuttings of the East by Sepideh Mehraban between tradition and future, the photographic language - between reality and cinematography by Mabel Palacín, the intimacy of the sign proposed by Laura Poletti, the versatility between surreal and concrete by Robert Pettena, the material and encompassing physicality of Jaime Poblete, the rebellious gestures of Jacob Van Schalkwyk, and the melancholy, nostalgic and delicately blue eroticism of Shakil Solanki.

Satellite is a project by Suburbia Contemporary, a gallery based in Granada, Spain with the collaboration of La Portineria and PMG Italia.