Federica Fiumelli
Joined Meer in March 2013
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Federica Fiumelli

(1990) After a bachelor's degree in Visual Arts with a thesis on the relations and the paradoxes between photography and fashion, from Cecil Beaton to Cindy Sherman and a master's degree at the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna - biennial course in Didactics of the Arts, Cultural Communication and Mediation of the Artistic Heritage with a thesis on the historic and critic way of Francesca Alinovi, a postmodern critique.

From 2012 she has been starting to collaborate with exhibition spaces, by carrying out different activities such as staging, the redaction of critical texts, press releases and didactic laboratories with children. Until 2015 she collaborated with Spazio San Giorgio of Bologna and now she works together The Whitelight Art Gallery of Milan.

From 2015 up to these days she is busy with communication and social at the P420 Contemporary Art of Bologna. From 2011 she works for different headlines: Vogue online, The Artship, Frattura Scomposta, Wall Street International Magazine, Juliet Art Magazine and Forme Uniche.

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