Steve Turner is pleased to present Memoir 1, a solo exhibition of new paintings and drawings by Brittany Tucker, a New York-based artist who has been working in Vienna during 2020. As with past works, Tucker continues to juxtapose realistic self-portraits with cartoonish figures meant to represent whiteness.

However, in Memoir 1, she has added a new colourful element and has created a group of drawings which shed even more light on her thoughts and feelings. They are rawer than the paintings. In presenting them, it is as though Tucker is sharing her private diary. Uniting all the works is the sense of shame and guilt that black women deal with in America by trying to fit into a society that often shuts them out. According to Tucker, “the cartoon figure is a shame monster that’s always there but never fully present."

Brittany Tucker (b. 1996, Brooklyn) received a BA at Bard College (2018). She has had solo exhibitions at Steve Turner, Los Angeles (2019) and SPRING/BREAK, New York (2019, presented by Four-D Projects). Tucker also recently presented works at Untitled, Miami Beach (2019, with Steve Turner) and at CFHILL, Stockholm (2020).