The world’s largest collection of the Skagen painters’ works of art can be found at The Art Museums of Skagen. But why did the artists head for Skagen in the first place? What were they looking for? What did they find? Why did they return? The answer lies, among other things, in the inspiration, the motives, the love and the community – it all unfolds in a major special exhibition during the winter.

Some of the renowned and beloved pieces will be shown at the special exhibition, along with several works that have rarely or never been exhibited. The works of art are complemented by pieces of furniture, ceramics, plaster busts, letters and personal belongings of the artists – it all adds up to provide unique insights into the importance of Skagen as a venue for the artists, a place that fostered their individual development and brought them closer to artisan crafts and design. In Skagen they found new inspiration and a precious community. Notably, the encounter with the fishermen’s frugal everyday life gave guidance to the ever-seeking, talented and ambitious artists.