The artist Anna Ancher played a central role in the artists’ colony in Skagen around the year 1900, but the scope of her oeuvre went far beyond that. Ancher belonged to the avant-garde of French-inspired artists in Denmark and throughout her career she experimented with light, colour, materials and new elements of style spreading from the rest of Europe.

The retrospective exhibition about Anna Ancher is the largest presentation of the artist’s work ever. Her story has so far been dominated by myths and colourful anecdotes connected to her role as one of the principal figures among the Skagen painters. The exhibition explores Anna Ancher in a larger international context, in line with the nature of her work.

Anna Ancher’s recurring exploration of light is a central theme in the exhibition – from the early cautious tryouts to the later more radical experiments of the use of light. Around this central subject different themes and motifs are presented.