The ineptitude of the would-be king has been on display for all the world to see. He wants to be adored and worshipped as no president of this waning democracy has before him. He actually does not see himself as president, as even he knows that he was not duly elected. Instead he believes that he is or will be monarch for life. He rules over the inept and ignorant, but also over the powerful and greedy. Or perhaps not over them, but by the grace of their foolish support.

He rules via confusion, gaslighting and outright lies. It is difficult to distinguish between the ignorance of this pretender (in both senses of the word) to the invisible throne and his own diminished capacity and psychopathology, as they are melded together seamlessly. Experts in psychology and psychiatry, including myself, have repeatedly called for an assessment of his mental health, but to no avail, as expertise is discarded and derided. We have not yet been able to shout louder than Trump and his supporters and, sadly, it is shouting, threats and gaslighting that have taken the day so far.

Those who support this pretender truck in slogans and boasts, in belligerence and fear-mongering. Many have opposed him, as yet to no avail. Rather than success, they garner only infantile nicknames and threats to be “taken out.” Little Mikey, Pocahontas, and Sleepy Joe are dismissed in the school yard that has become American politics.

After all, his opponents (and make no mistake-they are the majority) are only human. They are united by this very quality with all its vulnerabilities. They are also, each one, smarter than he is, but to no avail so far, as the mad king is supported by an international cabal of power, money and evil. However, they are also only human after all.

A stronger force approaches now, a higher power- Mother Nature herself. She has been trying for some time to alert her children to the very imminent destruction of the universe that she creates and that creates her each and every day. The entire planet is gravely ill and that illness may, indeed, be terminal. However, even “imminent” does not work on the ignorant, the greedy. They can continue to lie and deny because it is not yet happening in front of their own veiled eyes. The evidence is not clear enough for them and, as yet, carries no consequences discernible to them. Instead their guns, their greed and their prejudices remain central to them. They believe that they are winning a war that they are about to lose to an opponent that they cannot best.

Here comes the mother of us all, Mother Nature, patiently working to get the attention of the would-be monarch and his minions. His desired crown is going to be blown to smithereens by a larger and more powerful crown, or corona. He reveals himself once again to be ignorant in understanding this threat and inept in combating it effectively. He appoints his silently adoring, sycophantic vice president to prepare to protect the American public. This man is perhaps one of the least qualified in the country to lead this effort, as proven by his very record against the AIDS epidemic in his home state. He is bound to fail and may have been chosen for that very reason.

When that happens, no amount of lying or gaslighting or shaming of opponents will be able to convince the sick and the dying that it has not occurred. Material reality must win the day. Mother knows best.