Monitor Lisbon is glad to announce "Um lugar desenhado pela passagem do corpo" (“A place drawn by the the passage of the body”) an exhibition by Armanda Duarte and Elisa Montessori curated by João Silvério. This exhibition gathers the works of two artists, that share a distinct use of drawing and the presence of the body in their works. Both artists use different media for the production of their works, being it objects coming from nature, leafs applied on an artist book resembling an herbarium, and collages of photographs and drawings ( Elisa Montessori); or stones, a spoon, a rolled cloth or a three-dimensional drawing that resembles the shape of a body (Armanda Duarte). In their practices, the works on paper, sculptures, drawings and paintings, indicate a strong presence of the body and a deep relation with temporality that can not be reduced to simple measurable time. This relation, lays the basis for the creation of a poetic elaboration of referents, sometimes arising from literature, that crosses with everyday actions, places and paths, in territories that evoke a landscape, be it a natural landscape or the studio space. In this sense, the gallery is the place drawn by the passage of these bodies, materialized in the works of each artist, which converge or move away from another inner landscape, the one of the gallery.