One of the most popular artists showing in the gallery, Paul Tamanian is a tireless innovator, always pushing the boundaries of his art. What better way to usher in a new year and a new decade than to present a selection of Paul Tamanian’s latest paintings.

Two elements power Tamanian's work: his relentless experimentation with form and composition and his “scorched-earth surface treatments.” Working exclusively on aluminum, Tamanian has created a new language of metal and paint. Auto paint, raw pigments, acrylics, house paint, inks, gravel and more are manipulated using techniques that may include water and fire. At times Tamanian makes aluminum look as delicate and as fragile as glass; at other times his work exudes the roughness of clay or monumentality of hewn stone.

Born in New York, Paul Tamanian grew up in Florida, receiving a degree in design from Florida State University. He discovered an affinity for clay by attending a pottery class at a local community center. He moved rapidly from basic skills to technical innovation, and then from clay on to aluminum. He has gone on to exhibit across the United States and has been invited to show his works in the company of some of America's foremost artists.