Punto sull'arte’s 2020 starts with a solo show of Sabrina Milazzo, a painter from Turin. The opening reception of her personal exhibition, entitled MELTING POP, will be held on February Saturday 1st, 2020 from 6 to 9 pm.

Protagonist of the new solo show scheduled at Punto sull'arte Gallery, the young Turinese painter Sabrina Milazzo moves within the framework of an unusual figuration, poised between photographic hyperrealism and a neo-surrealistic vision of reality, between pop imagery and conceptualism. With a crystal clear brushstroke and a choice of materials (oil on linen), which perfectly highlights technical precision, the artist takes us on a journey through the Disney aesthetic, choosing though to go back in time, and therefore only using vintage puppets as models for her work. However Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Snow White and her dwarves, Thumber the bunny and Pongo the dog, are not brought back to us in their intact entirety (in an operation that could recall Jeff Koons), but arrive to us barely recognizable, in the intermediate moment of a liquefaction that will arrive - there is no doubt - to make them completely dissolve. Defined in full and sugary colours (or turned black or silver), formed in turgid and shining curves as if they were covered with icing, incredibly three-dimensional, here the old Disney heroes are caught in a tragic moment, emphasised, paradoxically, by the end of the aesthetic and chromatic joy. Sabrina Milazzo recounts the end of a reassuring world and confronts us with a loss of innocence that seems irreparable. Just as her landscapes or still lives - even those told with brush tips like a moment of dramatic fusion - seem to force us to open our eyes to a sort of apocalypse.

Sabrina Milazzo was born in 1975 in Turin. A painting graduate from the Academy of Fine Arts, she began her expositive career in 2003, participating in national fairs such as MiArt and ArteFiera Bologna. Her most recent solo shows were in 2012 at the Sangallo Art Station Gallery in Florence and at the Allegretti Contemporary Art Gallery in Turin. She has participated in collective exhibitions in private galleries and public spaces in Italy and abroad (Madrid and Barcelona). In 2013 her work was presented at Art Stays 11, International Festival of Contemporary Art in Ptuj, Slovenia. She lives and works in Turin.