Shapes and Illusions, or how the form plays with our perception, deludes us, and surprises us. The artists on show are not only playing with the classical art forms and challenging the classical exhibtion space. They are also playing with our eyes. Artist 1010's work is captivating with his colored holes in the wall. Okuda breaks down our vision as if we were looking through a kaleidoscope and hypnotizes us with his rainbow shapes and uneven angles and facets.

Artists Dan Lam and Jan Kalab aim at more than just an illusion, they are looking to translate artworks into organic shapes. The expanded shapes made by Dan Lam are invading the exhibition space like a living material, combining surprising shapes and neon colors. Straight from a fantasy world and out from our childhood dreams, Dan Lam while constantly surprises us by the audacity of her lines.

Jan Kalab in response to these small creatures creates large smooth perfectly colored flat areas. These stretched canvases morph into three dimensional objects, coming straight out of the wall, giving shape to colors.