For the past 10 years the gallery has promoted artists in China with passion, the stars of Chinese contemporary art have, from the very first time, been an integral part of the program. Danysz Gallery exhibited Aaajiao, the talent of digital art, in 2010. The gallery also represents for 10 years Zhang Dali, sculptor, photographer and painter, who was the first in the 80’s to paint on the walls of Beijing, inspired by street art he saw in the west. Active representative of the historical members of Chinese contemporary art in Paris, Magda Danysz has always been interested in the famous group of stars "Xing Xing", which is now celebrating 40 years, and has exposed many times Huang Rui, one of the founding members. She draws an almost exhaustive panorama of the Chinese art scene whose wealth is constantly renewed.

Passionate about arts and letters, Huang Rui's work reveals immense sensitivity and richness. The exhibition at the Danysz Gallery presents recent paintings and sculptures, using different mediums with a constantly renewed talent. Intellectual in the most noble sense, as understood by Chinese thought, Huang Rui is not only a painter and sculptor but also a poet and philosopher. His sculptures play with words and he always brings a double meaning to his works. Huang Rui mixes characters of the alphabet and gives them a new meaning by some new combinations. In his paintings, the brush is expressive and the gesture, frank. Between abstraction and figuration, he drives us with passion.

By his sides, we also discover the works of Zhang Dali, another star of the Chinese art scene. Photographer, painter, sculptor, Zhang Dali is a committed artist, an eclectic artist, unpredictable, free. His main talent is to bright by this constant renewal if his mediums and the messages, by always singular series of works from the great paintings of the "Slogan" series to the "Second history" montages. Here, the historical series "AK-47" hypnotizes with his huge portraits.

Finally, Aaajiao’s works raise the question of the individual in society through a digital work that makes him one of the most prominent artists of the actual Chinese scene.

Based in Paris, Shanghai and London, the Danysz Gallery wants to build bridges between the artistic scenes of these countries by inviting foreign artists to China and Chinese artists to exhibit in France or England. This exhibition is a unique opportunity to bring together three essential artists, pillars of contemporary art not only in China but also more widely around the world. The Danysz Gallery is proud to present these historical and yet very contemporary artists, whose work will also be shared during the Asia Now art fair.