Elegant work and impeccable in its realisation in which the sculpture’s material par excellence becomes symbolic of the fluid society that distinguishes us.

In fact in some ways the sculpture here renounces itself, rethinking the noble material into objects which have nothing noble about them: from the pallet to the crate, from the sheet of paper to the classic office envelope destined to be ripped open and then thrown away. An allusion that becomes even more subtle in the sculptural realization of old toys, a tricycle, a child’s cot: here the bedroom of the past turns into a celebration of time that passes and makes these objects inevitably useless.

And a sense of disorientation invades the viewer when they realise that what from afar seems like a playful reconstruction of an infant’s environment, up close reveals a monument to a time which will not return. The transformation, the metamorphosis, the becoming are highlighted in the artist’s work, also in the use of the combustion effect. In fact her subject matter often appears invaded by a series of burns which denote its fragility, the goal of impermanence. Built on the contrasts between heavy and light, eternal and ephemeral, precious and ordinary, Valeria Vaccaro’s work therefore sets us before the uncertainty of our time.