"Dreaming of You" is comprised of a highly curated selection of photographs and light sculptures from David's most well-known collections "Femme Fatales", "Dreamscapes" and David's Neon Installations.

"Femme Fatales" is a captavating collection in wich the viewer feels as if they have stumbled upon a moment, caught at the height of the action. Over time the viewer discovers layers: hints of humor, sex appeal, intrigue, fantasy and danger as well as hidden drama.

"Dreamscapes" is a collection which transports us to the beaches of the Amalfi Coast, smells and taste of downtown San Francisco, gawk at the cityscapes of Manhattan and revel in the boulevards of Paris. There is no bucket list destination that David Drebin has not captured with his engineering sense of timing and atmosphere. Reflections of light, dramatic color and evocative staging invite art collectors to reflect and lose themselves in a fascinating and experiential daydream.

David's "Neon Installations" which are disarmingly blunt and intensely intimate. David Drebin's neon light installations illuminate hidden aspirations and secret thoughts of the women of his “Femmes Fatales” who inhabit the elusive world of his iconic photographs. Housed in an acrylic box, Drebin articulates many truths that are often imagined yet not always shared through these mischievously artful pieces.