Santiago Medina stands as a master sculptor whose remarkable talent lies in seamlessly merging the realms of arts and sciences, while bridging the gap between the left and right brain. His unique perspective breathes new life into the creation of sculptures, drawing from his background in both traditional European Renaissance atelier art apprenticeship and advanced medical imaging education from Harvard University. Medina's artwork embodies the harmonious convergence of powerful artistic expression, technological sophistication, and a deep sense of physician sensitivity.

One of Medina's notable contributions to the art world is his pioneering use of advanced 3D imaging techniques, such as CT scans and MRI, in the sculpting process. By integrating medical imaging into his artistic endeavors, he adds an entirely new dimension to his work. This fusion of technology and art enables him to produce sculptures that captivate visually while being conceptually rich.

Exquisite stainless-steel sculptures created by Medina can be found in prestigious public art venues across the globe, including the likes of Harvard University Chen School of Public Health, Stanford University, the Congress Capitol Building in Colombia, the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Mexico City, and Boston Children's Hospital at Harvard Medical School, among others. Recognizing his contributions to the art world, a museum named after him showcases part of his Foundation Art Collection at CES University, one of Colombia's top educational institutions.

Among Medina's remarkable concepts is the Plaza of Life. Within this visionary concept, one of his monumental sculptures takes center stage, surrounded by trees and enveloped in a large ribbon. During special events like Breast Cancer Awareness month, survivors, patients, and their families gather with their community and healthcare teams. The ribbon is ceremoniously unwrapped, cut, and the personal experiences of each individual are inscribed on the fabric. The fabric is then artistically displayed on the surrounding trees, symbolizing the renewal of life. Candle vigils, lights, and music complement these events, creating a deeply meaningful and immersive experience. The Plaza of Life extends its reach to various topics, such as health issues, human and animal rights, and environmental concerns, with each marked by distinct color ribbon ceremonies. Additionally, artistic quilts are crafted using intricately intertwined multicolored ribbons, symbolizing unity and interconnectedness.

Medina's artistic endeavors have garnered extensive media coverage, with features in renowned publications such as CNN, The Washington Post, The Miami Herald, and Harvard School of Public Health Magazine, to name a few. His work has gained recognition for its innovative artistry.

In terms of the sculptures themselves, Medina draws inspiration from the beauty of nature and the intricacies of the human anatomy. He creates abstract pieces that span the spectrum from organic to organo-geometric. Meticulously crafted using the finest Italian stainless steel, each sculpture is hand-welded to perfection, resulting in artworks that exude fluidity and play with light. The surface finish combines mirror finishes with fish scale and opaque highlights, accentuating the depth and planes of the artwork. Some sculptures incorporate special tinted finishes, adding a beautiful array of colors to the reflective stainless steel. Others juxtapose rusted steel or textures resembling blue jeans with stainless steel, highlighting the allure of contrasting elements. Medina has even ventured into creating his own unique rainbow patinas on stainless steel using a hyperthermal burn process.

Many of Medina's sculptures are designed without a base, allowing them to exist freely in space and time. They can be positioned vertically or horizontally, offering multiple renditions within a single sculpture. This design approach invites the collector to actively engage in the artistic expression by selecting the position that best aligns with their own artistic taste. Some sculptures feature a pin mechanism, enabling the collector to choose their preferred viewing angle. State-of-the-art LED lights can also be incorporated to elevate the sculptures further, providing captivating color accents during both day and night. These lights can be programmed with various settings to convey symbolic impact or synchronize with natural rhythms or music, creating a multisensory experience. Medina's artistic framework invites viewers and collectors alike to embark on a transformative journey and wholeheartedly engage with his sculptures.

Beyond his artistic accomplishments, Santiago Medina explores new frontiers through his pioneering spirit. Delving into the realm of functional brain MRI imaging (FMRI), he studies his own brain activity while seeking inspiration and creating his art within sophisticated medical scanners. These unique brain images are then fused with his artwork, resulting in a novel artistic expression that is printed on stainless steel plates. In his latest series, titled "Artificial vs Human Intelligence," Medina incorporates photographs and multimedia interventions using computer motherboards and splashes of paint resembling neuro-link connections. Through his art, he vividly portrays the tension between artificial and human intelligence, where the multifaceted aspects of humanity—both good and bad—coexist.

Since its founding, the Trimper Gallery has been proud to represent Santiago Medina and the gallery has facilitated the sale of several smaller tabletop sculptures to clients from all over the world. Additionally, Trimper Gallery has already placed several significant monumental outdoor sculptures, including "Peace" which was sold to a private client in New Canaan, Connecticut. Currently Trimper Gallery is working on placing Medina monumental sculpture, "Nirvana," within a luxury apartment complex in Miami, adding a touch of artistic grandeur to the space. Additionally, the gallery is working on selling Medina's monumental sculpture, "Inner strength ," to a prominent midwestern museum, further cementing Medina's rising prominence and the recognition his sculptures have gained within the art world.

The collaboration between Santiago Medina and Trimper Gallery in Greenwich, CT, is a testament to both Medina's artistic prowess and the gallery's dedication to promoting exceptional talent both locally and internationally. Together, they continuously redefine the boundaries of sculpture creation and invite viewers to engage with art on a profound and transformative level.